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Fareen Mehravar

The way it was written

was totally wrong,

the stars and the galaxy

were then born.


The light of the universe

was spread in every place,

we’re told that the creations

weren’t based upon race.


Everything started to change

when once things were smooth,

the innocence of the lives; 

there was nothing to choose.


Now we’re out here again 

in the world of discrimination,

the impact on our lives 

there’s nothing called socialisation.


The world is harsh

no, it’s the people who are, 

they’ve taken a simple difference

way too far.


The differences are not bad 

neither are they negative,

they are a piece of art;

the people are pathetic!


What do they understand,

about the different shades of skin?

What do they understand,

if they are not even keen?


I won’t say to find

what’s on the inside,

every inch of it matters;

the art of the outside.


What’s so wrong with the difference,

are they worse than your dark sides?

Everyone’s choices are different 

It is what they ignite.


These are no exception

which you have to accept.

These are what nature is.

So, stop blowing your foolish trumpet.

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