The Reassessment of Over-privileged Gen Z’s Coronacation

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Tishma Rhine Joarder

It’s day I-actually-lost-count-infinite-days-back of quarantine, and here you are, still in bed, blindly surrendered your health to the 17 packets of KitKat wrappers scattered on the floor. You want to get up and clean it, because we both know madre will keep pestering you about The Great Wrapper incident of ’20 till your graduation, wedding, or even way longer. Remember when you were beyond elated to finally cross off having lunch in a kiddie pool on a Tuesday from the bucket-list? Yes, you definitely did not hold on to the promise, at least not like mother dearest would be taunting you from this day.

Although this inordinate maelstrom of uncertainty and monotony can be quite overwhelming, don’t fret yet. Here are the apparatuses you might have forgotten to bring into play while assembling your quarantine setup.


Food Choices 

Most of us have taken to dedicating these hours wholly to exhaust the entirety of Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu in the company of our faithful friend — snacks. Deeply engrossed in the contents on your screen, you are hardly taking notice of the detrimental quantity of sugar-filled portions your innocent body is being subjected to, while you cry over Tony Stark’s passing for the umpteenth time. 



The advancement of technology has triumphantly not only enabled us to stay connected to every nook and cranny of the vast world through dainty digital screens, but has also ensured we enjoy every lengthy hour of doing so. However, the superlative exposure to these displays that your current sedentary lifestyle has led to, can actually metamorphose into a paramount seedbed of adversity, ranging from obesity and behavioural problems to violence. 


Getting Too Comfortable

Social distancing is the optimal method of staying safe from the infernal wrath of Covid-19. However, this does not mean you should forgo hygiene practices, like changing your beddings, avoiding cold water, and gargling with salt water regularly just because you’re staying indoors. Rumours of detestable stench from your underarms have been confirmed by your neighbours, so shower regularly. Remember, you come in contact with the outside world even when you pay for your Foodpanda delivery. 


Waiving the Responsibility of Studying

It seems as though quarantine made it its personal duty to infuse our brains with the illustrious notion that schools and universities do not exist anymore. If I am being honest, we don’t really pay attention to our Zoom classes, we just join in so that our teachers think we do. I cannot even recall the last time I actually solved past papers. Nonetheless, this catastrophic fad for disregarding education will undoubtedly wreak havoc on your dreams if you plan to get into Stanford, so you better revise Calculus.


Don’t be upset, though.This does not mean I gave up on you, and neither should you. You only needed a reality check. Now, ditch the Nutella and slothfulness for a healthier routine to refresh your quarantine experience. However, do not coerce yourself into unattainable goals. Rome was not built in a day! 


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