Bhoroshasthol: Helping Families in Financial Exigency

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“In a country where food that is equivalent to about tk5.5 crore is wasted daily, we truly want to stand beside the deprived people who don’t get sufficient food.”

At an age when young people look for freedom, entertainment, and sports, 28 ambitious students from Dhaka Residential Model College took a small but anchored step for the amelioration of the deprived people of Bangladesh. Being shaped by the contribution and efforts of their dedicated volunteers and executives, ভরসাস্থল (Bhoroshasthol) came into being.

Bhoroshasthol started their campaigns by handing out food to homeless people and gradually extended their activities in other sectors. Bhoroshasthol has been remarkably active in both Dhaka and Tangail after its formation on 9 May, 2019 by helping more than 2500 people around Bangladesh.

Till now, Bhoroshasthol has stood beside people by providing them with clothes, blankets, foods, masks, food packages, cash, etc. They have also signed an MoU with Gontobbo Youth Foundation for working together on their flagship event “2 Takar Hashi”, whose fundamental concept is to save at least tk2 per day which will be used to help families in financial exigency.

Bhoroshasthol is grateful to a lot of people from both Bangladesh and abroad—it’s their support which is one of the main reasons for continuing their daily activities in the sector, as well as being their biggest source of inspiration. During this pandemic, they have gone through a few technical issues as they had to opt for virtual meetings instead of physical ones, shortage of volunteers to deliver food packages, and donation to the poor families. But their dedication to work for the helpless remained unchanged. They have jointly stood beside about 2,500 people all over Bangladesh.

Bhoroshasthol is trying their best to overcome the various sets of difficulties by ensuring an online workplace and digital signing agreements. In the meantime, Footsteps funded for 45 food packages to poor families in Tangail in this Pandemic in joint collaboration with Bhoroshasthol where 90 food packages were distributed in total.

During the first phase of the Covid-19 crisis, Bhoroshasthol distributed 200 masks among the rickshaw pullers around Dhaka. Recently, Bhoroshasthol has teamed up with Bohubrihi, an online educational platform of Bangladesh to offer their executives free courses and 15% discount on courses for their volunteers.


The August issue of TDA, Youth in Philanthropy, intends to honour those youth-led organisations which are working selflessly to bring about a change in the society.

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