In the Name of

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Illustration by Wahi Hoque

Muhammad Ibn Sharif Spandan

Struggling to run away,
From the harrowing flames,
As they encroach your feet,
Trying to drag you down,
To be buried in the ashes,
As you scream in horrifying pain,
Nobody is listening,
As you scream in trembling terror,
Except the One Above Us.

Why did you deserve this?
Nobody desires it,
Our passions, run afoul,
Endless greed, Merciless cruelty,
Violent hatred,
Emotionless massacre.

In the name of our motherland,
In the name of our race,
In the name of our ideologies,
In the name of our Lord,
We suffer, endlessly.
Crying, desperately.

Starvation tears you down from within,
Shrapnel blinds you from the outside,
Blood and tears flow together,
A morbid waterfall,
As cries of children fall upon deaf ears,
As missiles land upon homes and hospitals,
Muffling the screams with horrific explosions,
Frenzied warriors die,
In the name of the greater good,
For a cause,
In Ukraine,
Suffering losses
In the name of dearly held causes.


Spandan is definitely the gentlest troublemaker, with hilarious incidents caused by him every now and then.

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