Roald Dahl Birthday Special Book Review: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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Maisha Islam Monamee

Published in 1964, the popular children’s book revolves around the life of Charlie Bucket, belonging to a family who finds it difficult to make ends meet. With seven members packed inside a small house, the book narrates their tale of struggles and how unusual their lives are. Charlie’s lovely grandfather often talked to him about the eccentric chocolatier, Willy Wonka, who had discontinued people from visiting his factory.

Growing up, Charlie remained in awe of how things worked behind the closed doors until one fine day, Wonka announced an exclusive tour of his factory. Five lucky children were supposed to get a golden ticket that would take them on a delicious adventure around his creation. After two failed attempts, Charlie hits the jackpot and is all set for a fun day at the factory, with his grandfather by his side. What unravels is a scrumptious tale of wonders as new secrets unveil.

What happens to Charlie at the end of the book? Is Wonka’s secret out? Read and discover!

The book takes young readers on a joyride. It is fun and the kind of book that stays with you even after it ends. You end up dreaming about it and the book becomes a beautiful memory. All of his books serve the same purpose, but this one gained immense fame, due to the vivid descriptions of delicacies, that we all wish for.

For new young readers, this is the perfect book to start off with and for older ones, this is a wonderful way to reminisce about childhood. A childhood spent with Dahl’s characters across the world.


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