Agatha Christie Birthday Special Book Recommendations

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Fatin Hamama

There isn’t anyone who’s a geek about crimes, detectives, and murders scenes; but not a fan of Agatha Christie. Agatha Christie was a brilliant weaver of the perfect crime thrillers, the reflection of which is obvious through all the amazing characters, especially the beloved sleuths that were penned by her. Today, on her birthday, let’s revisit some of her best works till date—through only 2 phrases each, in order to celebrate the 2nd globally best-selling author in history, only ever outsold by Shakespeare.


Murder on the Orient Express

An American tycoon stabbed to death onboard the luxurious Orient Express, Poirot on the go to find the killer on a train halted by a snowdrift, teeming with the affluent. 


The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

Successive deaths of a widow with secrets, and her lover—the only one who knows of them, a bewildered Poirot brought out of retirement for an investigation with a staggering conclusion.


Hercule Poirot’s Christmas

The silent, unexplainable murder of a dictatorial family patriarch on a Chirstmas Eve, a paradox to solve for Hercule Poirot in a house charged, instead of grief, with mutual skepticism between the residents.


Death on the Nile

A lavish river cruise along the Nile disrupted by the murder of a woman who had everything, Poirot in a dilemma as a scandalous backstory with her former best friend who’s also onboard might or might not show a way.


The ABC Murders

A serial killer who chooses his victims by the alphabetical order of their names, a deliberate trail of clues left behind to taunt the little Belgian sleuth.


A Murder is Announced

Mysterious newspaper advertisement of a murder along with a predetermined spot and time, the lights go out when the curious villagers gather at the mentioned place, the Little Paddocks.


The Body in the Library

A body of an unknown girl found in a library and the charred remains of another found in a quarry, it’s now up to Miss Marple to find the connection between the murders before word spreads.


Sleeping Murder

Failing to find a reason behind the odd occurrences at her new house that seem rather paranormal, Gwenda calls in Marple who discovers astonishing evidence for a perfect crime instead.



A letter addressed to Marple from a deceased acquaintance filled with instructions for an investigation excluding any details, soon she is faced with the ultimate crime in its wake.


No wonder Christie’s known as The Queen of Mystery, rightfully so.


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