World Animal Day Special: Things I Have Learnt From My Pets

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Tasnia Shahrin

Animals as pets bring so much optimism and happiness in our lives that they often become significant members of our family. One of the ways we get attached to our pets is, how they improve our quality of life. A pet is as unique as the owner themselves, and finding your soulmate can completely change your life around. To illustrate the ways a pet can reshape your world-views, here are some opinions taken from few pet moms around the country.



Just like any other pets, cats can provide loving companionship to any young or older adults. And because of this reason, Sanjida Noushin, an undergraduate and the owner of the online shop Amethyst, is a proud mom of her thirteen cats.  Most of her cats are of mixed species and one is a Calico cat named Ninja.  

In 2013, Noushin started taking care of these lovely cats. She claims that these last seven years were emotionally uplifting for her life. When asked what is the one thing she has learnt from her cats in these seven years, she said, “They helped me to increase my compassion and empathy for every living being in the world, as they pass the vibe of their innocence to their hoomans.”



The responsibility, selflessness, and commitment that comes with having a dog makes a human being stronger. And that is why dogs are considered human’s best friend.   

This can be understood from the loving relationship of Ridita Adeeba, an English undergraduate and mom of Bhau. Bhau was a stray dog whom Adeeba rescued from a dumpster. Their relationship lasted for a month only, after which she had to bid him goodbye. However, being his mom for a month has taught her certain matters that she still ponders upon. 

She says, “Pets are very grateful. I’ve seen the reflection of love and care that I gave him. Something that I will carry is probably I’ve learnt to become more understanding. People had been very insensitive when he fell sick. They thought I was being silly, but that was a great deal for me. He has surely taught me to become more caring and understanding.”

As a fellow pup-lover, I couldn’t agree more with Adeeba’s sentiments. Just like her, I believe the relationship between a dog and its human parent is only unique to them, as most people fail to see the beauty of this bond.



Because of their above-average intelligence, birds can be a joy to train and are typically eager to learn new things from their owners. Also, imagine waking up to their melodious chirping and feeling especially close to nature.

Such is the life of Nishat Tasnim, a recent English graduate. She is a mom to nine precious Cockatiels (a species of the Parakeet family). They have been a part of Tasnim’s life for quite some time and this is what she has learnt from her birds, “After being with them for long enough, I realised that I can actually communicate with them. Or at least, they try to tell me things. All my birds communicate with me somehow, and most of it circles around the love I give them and the trust they put in me. So I’d say, when you give your pets the love they deserve, it’s more rewarding than you can imagine.” 

Tasnim’s reflection pretty much summarises the true beauty of a pet and owner’s relationship. It is quite fascinating to think about having a beautiful unspoken relationship in a world where words are the biggest weapon. Such a relationship helps us be better and learn to be sympathetic as a person, which we often fail to learn from our peers.



Rabbits are one of the most popular exotic animals kept as pets these days, and when adopted into the appropriate home, they can make terrific companions. Fabliha Nawar Afra, an undergraduate and a talented face artist had the opportunity to adopt a rabbit as her own pet. They met each other in 2014 when Afra was seventeen-year-old. Their relationship lasted almost five years before Puki (her rabbit) crossed the rainbow bridge.

“She made me understand what unconditional love is. And her death made me realise that love needs to be spread out. So I rescued two baby bunnies later on, and they gave birth to seven children! She taught me to give my best every time a life is in danger,” a beautiful lesson that Afra learned from Puki and something every human should realise. 

As Afra’s thoughts give this article a beautiful conclusion, remember adopting a pet is equal to saving a life. Thus, it is important that we always do our best and treat these innocent creatures with utmost kindness.


The writer, a proud Slytherin, is a part of TDA Editorial Team.  


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