One More Time

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Art: Sara Shamma

Muhammad Ibn Sharif Spandan

Waiting for a day,

When I would be able to smile again,

Without any fear of losing it,

Anticipating hopelessly,

Trying not to give up,

One more time.


I swear I am not bad,

I wish I was not mad,

Cannot handle it,

Fighting a war against myself.

Maybe, leave me alone,

When I am down and numb.

Lest you spark my rage,

And I regret one more time.


All colours disappear,

Sometimes only blood-red appears,

Hopeless, worthless,

Internal turmoil,

Hell-fire burns inside me,

Fearing, I may explode,

Hysterically screaming inside,

Expressionless lips,

With no words and feelings.

Trying to hide from the other me,

One more time.


Wish I didn’t have to hold back,

All my troubles,

So that others are not burdened,

By my heavy sorrows,

One more time.


Spandan is definitely the gentlest troublemaker, with hilarious incidents caused by him every now and then.

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