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Abrar Fahyaz

You’ve been eyeing that person, for quite some time now,

They’re like your better version, the type which “wow”

Can only describe; so cool, they give off a different vibe.

They seem so successful, so happy and delightful,

Their achievements are masterful, their lives are completely blissful!

Then your thoughts become stressful, as you think of yourself, “Ah, shameful!”

You find yourself sad and lonely; feeling as if you were 3-foot-tall,

And next you wonder, “God, if only I were anybody else at all!”


You just want to reach the end of the tunnel, to touch the light,

Because once you do that, everything is going to be fine, everything will be alright!

The moment you reach that point, it’ll be perpetual happiness—

No disappointments, no pain, no suffering—not a single form of sadness.

You’ll look back at your life and be filled with pride,

You’ll reminisce about that tunnel, “What a great stride, oh my!

Your future will look bright, you’ll fly high in the sky like a kite,

All problems then will just be quests left at the side,

Other people will look up to you, as you do to that guy.

You’ll bid your weaknesses farewell, “Insecurities, goodbye!”


Still, for the time being, the mountain has yet to be mined, you haven’t yet left that behind.

But you feel like this reality exists only within your mind;

Even if you achieve that, no matter how hard you grind,

There is no guarantee that the happiness you search for, you’ll find.

Well, guess what? You’re right.


How successful you are, it doesn’t really matter.

You’ll always have troubles, which will make you feel like a disaster.

That person you admire? They have their own demons to face,

You aren’t the only one who thinks themselves to be an utter disgrace!

But don’t just give up; on its own, it isn’t going to get better,

You gotta work harder, got to work smarter,

Got to crack your problems open like a nutcracker.

And once you touch the light, you’ll get that fleeting moment of joy—

For a moment or two, that you will enjoy;

Then it’s back to square one; another nuisance you have to destroy.


Happiness is an unachievable myth,

Thought of by those who are too afraid to admit,

That the world’s default state is misery;

For ‘life’ is meant to be a trench being shelled by artillery.


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