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Shammi Syera Simin 

Be it for a passing hobby or workplace compulsion, you need editing hacks right now. So what do you do? 

Simple. You read this article!

Listed here are 5 top websites (some have their own apps for mobile use, too) through which your editing life can be made easy. Not only are they free, they are beginner-friendly too. Let’s dive right in! 

1. Color Picker 

This website lets you upload any image, select a pixel from that image, and sort out not only its HTML code, but all other types of identifier codes a colour may have. It also prepares a colour palette inspired from the picture, so that you can use it to edit with colours that compliment each other.

So the next time you want to use the exact colour of your favourite picture into your digital edits, you know where to go.

2. Pinterest 

We now know how to seize colour codes out of pictures that quench our type of aesthetic. In order to do that, we need to find those pictures first.

If you are stuck on that stage, then Pinterest is the best place for you. It is a platform solely created for visual learners and inspiration collectors. Pinterest may not always contain HD pictures, but the majority of them are of good enough quality to serve not only your editing needs, but also to help actualise various different ideas.

3. Remove Image Background  

So now you have found yourself some overlays that you want to include in your edits. How do you make their background transparent in order to make them usable? 

That is when // removebg // comes in handy and saves your day. Drop the image and they will cut out the person/object for you in an instant!

4. PicsArt 

Wait a minute though, where exactly do you make the edit at? 

The most obvious answer is Photoshop, but that’s for users who want world domination, but you and I are here to make wallpapers and profile pictures and funny edits, so world domination can wait. 

If you are looking for simple editing sites and apps, then PicsArt is definitely for you. They have the most varied editing options, most of which are free to use without a premium subscription. They also have a community where users can post their edits, and pre-made stickers and overlays, most of which are absolutely free to use and get inspired from. Hence go ahead and bathe yourself in the river of creativity!

5. Canva

This one out here is very famous for its crazy number of templates. From birthday cards to business cards to posters and even resumé blueprints are easily editable and gives you a wide range of designs to choose from. Canva has a good editing interface as well, combined with the templates, it keeps one’s editing periods smooth and abbreviated. Simply browsing through the site and/or app is said to have your creative juices flowing. 


That’s it for today’s tech suggestions. Roll in next week to get a glimpse of similar posts. If you want to see any specific tech-related content from us, or if you want to send your tech recommendations, mail us at [email protected]. Till then, let’s celebrate editing. Cheers!


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