Flexbiz Gender Diverse Bridal Campaign: Incorporating Brides of All Kinds to Bring about Social Change

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E V E N T  C O V E R A G E

Anindya Arif 

FlexBiz is a creative marketing platform which has been creating strides in the community since their inception, through efforts to bring together philanthropists, artists, content creators, established entrepreneurs, start-ups, and many more under one roof to help them get affiliated with a vast range of networks, as well as provide them with consultation that will help them prosper in their respective fields.

Latest from them comes the second rendition of an event they did three months ago, the first of its kind in Bangladesh: The Gender Diverse Bridal Campaign. This campaign brought together a range of models from all genders, body shapes, and complexions, attempting to break the stereotypes of an “ideal” female body type and the fair-skinned bride, as well as create more awareness about the prejudices faced by women and girls all over the country. This event comes from their on-going effort to make inclusive, diverse marketing a reality in Bangladesh, which to date was largely believed that only big brands, namely Sabyasachi, could pull off.

The idea to integrate plus size models, as well as models with darker complexions, came from the much-accomplished makeup artist Anfisa Wamik [Facebook Page: Makeup Fusion by Anfisa], who was an integral part of the event’s success.

The event would also not have been possible without the constant effort and vision of the founder/CEO of FlexBiz, Zainah Habib, and the Co-Founder/COO Fahim Rahman who keep finding new and innovative ways to bring about more societal acceptance and equality. 

This event wouldn’t have been possible without their dedicated team of sponsors either. Among them were Ziaur Rahman, the owner of The Secret Garden, who provided the venue and food for the event. The wardrobe was sponsored by Belora; and the jewellery was courtesy of Zevar, Rouge, and accessories by Jhooli; such a varied line up of sponsors further solidified FlexBiz’s commitment towards giving emerging brands a platform to showcase their work.

Lastly, at the centre of the event were the models, who seamlessly incorporated the concept of inclusive marketing into the fashion and vanity of the wedding industry. The models included Urmi Rahman Mishti, Aishwarya Ayshe, Maysha Chowdhury, and transgender social activist Srabonti Srabon. This group of creative artists made it possible for FlexBiz to conduct this extremely important campaign.

FlexBiz has yet again managed to bring people together from a diverse range of profiles and promote them as inspirations to others. Collectively and through such events, FlexBiz is continuously trying to bring about a degree of social change and positivity to end the stigma around the transgender community, plus size body types, and darker complexions, along with a whole host of other social issues.

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