A Temporary Bandage on a Permanent Wound

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Image and Title: Madmen (Season 5, Episode 13)


Anindya Arif

We have over-romanticised the idea of intimacy

So much that I cannot tell you any more

How I am going to apply for a plea of release

from all your held up resentments,

your frequent disorientation,

and the constant exhaustion

caused by

pandering to your fantasies

of how you will

someday read Immanuel Kant

and save humanity.


Instead, tomorrow on the long-ended sofas

of group therapy,

We both will complain

How we have tied each other

Too tightly to an escapist fantasy,

and are too fixated on it

to let each other go.

How we are two recovering ego addicts

Who have overstayed their duration

in their permanence continuum,

Committing petty injustices and chasing

Afternoon happiness.

In this neo-noir technical age,

we keep asking each other

What happens on Monday

when our cardinal sins

of getting easily attached to other people

will be put forth in front of the jury.

And in a town made up of jests, whims,

and coincidences,

We were blindsided by Letraset.




To leave you now

would mean waking up

in an empty apartment

to a new ruinous regime;

The regime hates technology:

The occasional emails, car radios

but encourages

Tiny acts of self-destruction.

There are talks of

a statewide

Government emergency

Due to rising concerns

over the current

Prime Minister’s

Growing fears of

How much space there

is around his cuticles.


To escape the foreboding doom,

I hide in a make-believe funeral home.

And I will keep hoping

That both of us will keep

Committing petty, insecure crimes

And keep wanting to be

Reborn as lesser creatures,

So we can have a second chance

at something lasting.


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