Digital Studying: Apps to Make Your Study Life Easier

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R E C C O M E N D A T I O N – A P P S

Tasnia Shahrin

You are pretty lucky if you started school/college in the digital age. Before, all the assets students had were: books, papers, and pens. But now to make things easier, there are endless productivity sites, study apps, and digital tools to help you work smarter, live better, and get through college with no more frustration than necessary. From tools to help you organise your time and notes, to apps that help you focus, sleep or wake up, students of the 21st century have helpful digital advisors, assistant, and audience 24/7. Here are some of the coolest study apps.


It’s basically a dictionary, but the best one I could suggest. It gives several translations, pronunciations, and examples in phrases. Also, you can use it offline. 


Photomath solves your math problems. It’s like a calculator, only that you can photograph your problem. It also gives you a step-by-step solution.


It doesn’t matter what your major is — whether it’s modern dance or microbiology, you’re going to write research papers. BibMe is an online writing centre that goes way beyond ordinary citation builders which are frequently wrong. Besides helping students craft correct citations, BibMe checks for grammatical and mechanical errors and puts together a correct bibliography in any common style.


Let’s get this out of the way right now – Cheatography will not help you cheat. Cheatography is a massive, crowd-sourced collection of cheat sheets on dozens of different topics, more than 2500 and growing every day. These cheat sheets give you easy-to-read, to-the-point information about the topic you need to learn. Cheatography started out with cheat sheets on programming and coding, and that’s still one of their biggest collections, but there are sheets on hobbies, cooking, business, and many more.


With this app, you can create flashcards or choose one or already made sets. Great to review when you are bored.


Assignments, exams, deadlines, etc can all be too stressful sometimes. Hence, one must look after their peace as well. Headspace is a meditation app designed to help you chill when you need it most. Guided meditations for mindfulness, relaxation, and sleep; short meditations to snap you back to reality; and emergency cool-downs for when you feel like freaking out – all on your mobile device.


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