Olden Visions, Uber Reality: WandaVision Episodes 1 & 2

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Shudipto Dip

“Well, I think we handled that well,” as quoted by Wanda, might be the simplest summary one can squeeze from the first two episodes. Life could not be worse for superhero fans amidst the pandemic with a dreary eighteen months devoid of Marvel content. And WandaVision surely provided the revitalisation we needed, and more.

We start off the pilot with the couple moving in into a dichromatic, 50s suburb. While the physical challenge of moving in is trivial for a super couple, they are not unbothered by the blending in part.

The first episode was all about humour — pure, unadulterated, classic humour. Not strictly with the intent to make viewers roll on the floor, the episode paid homage to pioneering sitcoms like I Love Lucy. Heavily relying on humour based on subtext and miscommunication, it reinforced the heartwarming start of a new year we needed. The ending answered our prime question about this unfamiliar universe, after making sure we have more to ask.

Episode 2 starts with a darker tone, adding more than a pinch to the mystery element. The failed efforts at socialising were bluntly put off by the jokes. But it aided in creating a riveting contrast with the eerie sneak-ups of reality. And the brilliance lies in the transition in doing so — more in episode two than in one. Kathryn Hahn stole the show with her portrayal of the nosy, uplifting neighbour trope.

The plot may have not moved with a brisk pace so far, but optimistic geeks are hoping for a House of M storyline still. For generations that grew up binging F.R.I.E.N.D.S or fighting for Endgame tickets, the change of tone is not necessarily melodious.

My best takeaway here is an attempt at recreating a live TV experience with advertisement breaks. But if that seems to be a waste of runtime, have you been watching closely?


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