Is Love Enough? Sir — A Movie You’ll Love Enough

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R E V I E W – M O V I E

Zara Jahan

Far away from Bollywood chaos, Sir will be your rendezvous. 

Directed by Rohena Gera, the movie stars Tillotama Shome and Vivek Gomber as the central protagonists.

The movie begins by introducing us to Ratna, Tillotama Shome’s character, who gets called back to Mumbai as the live-in maid for an NRI (non-residence Indian) named Ashwin. While Bollywood has had its fair share in delivering overly masculine and ego-centric male leads, Ashwin (played by Vivek Gomber) breaks all stereotypes and comes off as a gentle, sombre, and sensible individual.

Categorised under the “Romance” genre, the plot of the movie thickens around the budding connection between Ratna and Ashwin. However, the highlight of the storyline for me was the journey of Ratna’s self-growth. From being a young widow in a conservative village to being an aspiring fashion designer, she overcame every kind of hurdle society had to offer her for belonging to the low working class. 

I found the ending to be the sweet note of the entire synopsis. It did not dictate a conclusion, rather a beginning—a beginning of Ratna and Ashwin’s story. Despite being a dominating factor in the magnification of the plot, Ratna’s relationship with her in-laws is left hanging without a proper closure. 

The cinematography of the movie is a treat to the eyes as the composition is serene and tasteful. The playback is unhurried and calm, yet captivating, and it leaves you yearning for more. The thoughtful direction and photography are all brought into life by the brilliant acting and execution of the actors. With limited characters and minimal dialogue, the understated tone of the movie is maintained throughout, even when the friction in the plot is at its pinnacle. 

Overall, I would give Sir an indie genius out of ten.

What are you waiting for? Watch it with your family and friends or by yourself, because for the next 1 hour and 39 minutes, this movie will be your companion.


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