The 18th Inter College Science Festival by HCCSC

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E V E N T  R E P O R T

Nafees Abrar Islam

As the prolonged pandemic period has students and youth at the very end of their mental sanity, Holy Cross College Science Club (HCCSC) brought forth an event to uplift the apathetic youth. Generally conforming to a strict education system that refuses to step out of its predefined limits of academic learning, HCCSC believes that science is a platform wherein one can unravel their creativity and widen their boundaries of thinking. Keeping this goal in mind, Holy Cross College Science Club took the initiative to arrange the 18th Inter College Science Festival online.

The online fiesta is set to be inaugurated on 5 February and come to an end on 6 February. All the events will be conducted through Google Docs, Facebook, and Discord. 

The festival will feature a total of 5 events all varying in terms of individual prowess and distinct dedication from one another. The events, namely the Olympiad, Project Display, Documentary, Digital Art and Illustration, Extempore Speech, and Book Based Quiz, will feature questions tailored to suit the participants’ tastes and test their aptitude.

There will be a total of eight olympiads in total:

  • Astrophysics Olympiad
  • Biology Olympiad
  • Geography Olympiad
  • IT Olympiad
  • Chemistry Olympiad
  • Psychology Olympiad
  • Math Olympiad
  • Physics Olympiad

Dr. Kaykobad (Professor at Dept for Computer Science and Engineering, BRAC) Miss Farmeen Mowla, Deputy Controller and Auditor General Reserve, and Ahmed Ittihad Hasib, Mansfield University, Oxford have agreed on being the guest speakers. Mr. Morshed Mishu, Assistant Editor of UNMAD Magazine, will be the honourable guest judge for The Digital Art contest.

With all that out of the way, TDA encourages the enthusiastic youth to participate and let their mind speak to their heart’s content. 

For more information regarding the event, visit HCCSC’s event page on Facebook.


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