উপসংহার ২০২০ — An Event by Shomoy 20s

E V E N T  R E P O R T

Ayaan Shams Siddiquee

2020 was a year full of its signature ups and downs. While it may not have been kind to everyone, it weaved a multitude of stories and emotions. To articulate the stories onto pen and paper, Shomoy 20s, a youth organisation, believed that one requires a stage to do so.

Keeping this belief in mind, they organised the event — উপসংহার ২০২০. This event served as a platform for narrating one’s pandemic stories to a wide audience. Each story was to be submitted in Shomoy 20s official Facebook group, available for everyone in it. The event was well-received by participants and viewers alike as a necessary initiative during these trying times.

The event had various partners to reach a larger audience. Organisations like Intelligent Minds, Super Maniacs, Prohelika, Tesla Lab, and The Dhaka Apologue were the proud partners for the event, উপসংহার ২০২০.

Shomoy 20s hopes to be able to reach a greater audience with their future events and endeavours. They want to be able to voice more untold stories and disseminate the practice of opening up further. 


Visit Shomoy 20s on their Facebook and Instagram pages for future events, updates, and more.


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