Dead Poets Society?

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Sultanul Arefeen

Needless to say, the profession of writing and journalism remains one of the most complex and controversial subjects in our culture. What’s more factual is that people tend to be biased against such professions.

But does that touch the spirit of writing? Not a chance.

The majority among us choosing professions, nowadays, are stuck between commercial or science-related fields of expertise, leaving little or no room for creativity, at all. One important aspect you should be able to notice is that parents in a family household manipulate their sons or daughters in making a career move of their choice. 

Inside a household, amidst the chaos and crises, there are hundreds like you who face similar perplexities, every day for weeks. Sure, exceptions are everywhere but in most cases, we are vulnerable before the functionality of our surroundings. You must remember that your story doesn’t end here. There is more to it than just dissatisfaction, failure, and exasperation.

In a world full of endless possibilities, you’re an initiative, yourself.

I won’t lie to you, you’d have to defy the odds, round the clock, before accomplishing a single target. You may/will even have to work 7-8 hours a day, to get that one piece featured. The effort is no cheesecake, but the consequences will suffice the hardships, only if you’re up for it.

During the lockdown, we noticed before our eyes, the overwhelming emergence of artists through youth groups in mass. Musicians, painters, poets, sculptors, and so on and on. An uprising of massive talents that were in the shadows, was finally out in the sun. This pandemic took a huge toll on us, but it also made individuals realise where exactly we went wrong. Following up the occurrence, there has been an alarming increase in startups, all run by people your age. 

One crucial part of the phenomenon regarding the matter is ‘unemployment’. Considering the recent trend patterns, writing professions have become a minority compared to others. Why do you suppose things turned out to be like this? Is it the scar on people’s pride, or is it the amoral teachings of the society that changed the core definition of journalism? 

Leaving aside the media industry, writers (lyricists, screenwriters, poets) don’t get even the minimum appreciation for the creation of their crafts and concepts they deserve. Don’t you think, a classic delivery of an iconic dialogue, e.g. “A boy’s best friend is his mother” from Psycho (1960) was only possible to deliver with emotions by Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins) because Joseph Stefano had such a nail-biting screenplay written prior to the shooting of the film?

I bet you didn’t even think about who Joseph was up until you reached this point. 

This is the norm. Nobody remembers the writers behind an idea, you see. The light has always been shed upon the actors/actresses. How often do you hear someone babbling about “Man, you should read the screenplay of this film, the actors really blended in with the flesh of the characters”, instead of “The movie is really good, we should watch it together sometimes”?

See what I mean?

Even now, some parents think of the publishing industry as close to a taboo. They imagine their child wouldn’t be able to bring home the bacon, should they pursue the career of their own choice. They prefer to think of art as an impractical practice.

So, my humble request is to parents and to-be-parents since you are the ones bringing children into this world. Think of them as a person, and not just a money-making machine. Help them figure out their priorities and assist them on their respective journeys.

A degree in Bachelor of Arts isn’t what you make it sound to be. Your child should have a say on what they really want from life.

Defy the whys and hows.

Help create new tags.

Being able to express is a privilege.


Sultanul Arefeen is a bibliophile. Suggest him your favourite reads at [email protected]


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