Sudden Shift

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Sharif Mezba

Large shadows started to appear

The usual sun went hiding

Proud moons, revolving near

Felt dwarfed to see such a thing. 


There it was 

 A lone planet 

 A chunk of lifeless soil.


Two days went away 

The sun didn’t show up

The moons lost their light

The sandy beach

That had no water 

Now only concerned about the night. 


A lonely sphere it was

It followed a trajectory

And never went off rail.


Sensation touched the lifeless

Vibration in the sands

Excitement that was rare

Now spreading across the lands.


Then after a month came sunlight

But it wasn’t familiar

Fright never seemed to bright

Fear never came so near.


A planet that never knew

How moons feel when sad

Now faced things anew

Discovered abilities it never had.


What was in centre before

Is now no more

A new one replaced it

A new star, as the core.


Who led such a change

Left the planet estranged

Just to realise soon

It’s become a revolving moon.


Now it’s shining in sadness

Being so small it hurts

Stranger solar systems

splits good routine in parts


Here is the story how

A planet stole another

And made it a moon

which hopes

Enough expanding far

Supernova come soon.


Sharif Mezba writes occasionally, but always from the depth of his heart. Talk about Physics and Metal and he’s charged!


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