Esports with Portability? Walton Karonda GX710G Pro

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R E V I E W – T E C H N O L O G Y

Sanjida Afrin

Being a Bangladeshi and seeing a Made In Bangladesh sticker on products brings pride to said groups. The same thing happened when Walton Electronics introduced a hype—a gaming laptop with a bunch to offer. Walton names it ‘Karonda’: Walton Karonda GX10G Pro.

World-famous brands like MSI, Acer, ASUS, and others have previously introduced gaming laptops with a great range of graphics, RAM capacity, and processors, but as days went by, gaming laptops almost created a head-to-head challenge with custom-built PCs on the E-sports platform. By introducing portability, however, even a minimalistic gaming experience can cost one $800-$1000 and premium experiences can even lead up to and over $4000. Keeping the budget in mind, Walton introduces Karonda for a minimalistic, sophisticating experience for the gamers, editors, and YouTubers.


Coming down to the system specifications, Karonda has Intel Core i7 processor, and for graphics, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650, along with having a RAM of 16GB already dedicated to itself.

Perfect for gaming?

In this era of mad-gaming and high definition graphics, proper dynamic gaming performances from a gaming laptop is expected from a lot of high-end users. A recent video from PCB Bangladesh introduces a gaming benchmark of some of the famous games to give customers an overview of the laptop’s performance.

  • GTA V from Rockstar games shows an average fps of 69 on very high resolution and high resolution around 85 fps.
  • Cyberpunk from CD Projekt shows an average fps of 34 on medium settings and 42 fps on lowest settings.
  • Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) from Tencent gaming shows an average fps of 97 on ultra-settings and 108 fps on medium settings.
  • Valorant from Riot games shows an average fps of 182 on high settings and 187 fps on medium settings. 
  • Fortnite from Epic games shows an average fps of 59 on epic settings and 86 fps on high settings. Fps will increase on lower settings.

Since gaming is introduced to the devices, keeping the laptops from a potential meltdown is extremely necessary. Further research shows an average temperature ranging from 55-80 degree Celsius during a game round of over 1 hour and 50 minutes. Except for that, NVIDIA’s website reassures maximum temperature around 90-94 degree Celsius.

Get all creative with the laptop

After all, having all these perks, the display has something more to offer. It uses an IPL display with a 144Hz refresh rate. Coming to a greater colour accuracy rate, it does give you the premium feel while editing in Adobe PS, PR, LR et cetera. Though they marketed this laptop for gaming, they also had room for other features.

Take my money?

In the end, whether you’re buying the laptop with the right specifications, aesthetics still remain a choice. Karonda GX710G is comparatively lightweight with a weight of around 2 kgs. The feature that dazzles everyone is the multi-colour illuminated full size isolated keyboard with numeric pad. Using the in-built app, you can change the colour but you can only select one colour at a time and not a gradient of many colours, which still adds to some aesthetic freedom in the device.


Yes, the laptop does leave out some staggering gaps from “being the perfect one”. Offering GTX 1650 for graphics which was initially built for smartphones, instead of a later, steadier version out in the market, the laptop might lead one to reconsider if they’re looking for a better version.

Coming down to the biggest question that made you scroll all the way down, the price.

According to Walton’s website, it is sold at 112,500 BDT (1327 USD); although some surveys from PC Builder Bangladesh shows that the prices may vary from place to place.

Overall, though, offering 16GB RAM at such a price range does play a higher role when you’re grabbing onto portability. For professional work, this laptop is good enough, but it doesn’t let go of you in your alone time—go for a game!



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