Questions I Have for Her

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Nabiha Nuha

Does he offer you his jacket pocket when it’s cold and you have no gloves on?

Has he told you his favourite ice cream flavour yet? (Psst, it’s strawberry, unless I poisoned it.)

Have you met his friends yet? Aren’t they wonderful?

He’s definitely played you Wonderwall on his guitar, right? 

Has he mentioned his favourite song yet? (It’s Chasing Cars unless I ruined it.)

Has he told you about hermit crabs and how they find new homes? I learned half of the animal facts I know from him.

Did he give you a pebble, too?

Does he lift you up in air out of nowhere?

Does he say “I love you” every time you laugh out loud, too?

Does he still draw truth tables?

Does he ever mention me?

I’m sorry, am I intruding too much? But don’t you think you would love him more if you knew he makes the best chocolate chip cookies? Don’t you think he’d love you more if you somehow knew to wake him up at 6am every Thursday?

I think you could love each other better. Is it okay if I help? 


Nabiha Nuha is a 19-year-old female who only loves three C’s in her life: cats, cuddles, and chocolate chip cookies.


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