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F E A T U R E – B O O K S T A G R A M

Tasnia Shahrin

One of the youngest and brightest bookstgrammers of the bookstagram community is Tabassum Irin Zaman. At a very early age, Irin gathered over 4000 followers at her account @whatirinreads. Moreover, she has recently partnered with Netflix and BookSparks for the release of Firefly Lane, a show based on a novel with the same title written by Kristin Hannah.

Irin describes herself as a lover of all things bookish. Reading has always been her favourite form of escape. Fun fact: Irin discovered Enid Blyton’s books in her school library one day, and right there, our beloved bookstagrammer’s journey in the beautiful world of books began.

Presenting some genre-based book recommendations to you all, created specially by Irin.


How to Fail at Flirting by Denise Williams

Trigger warnings: Domestic abuse, gaslighting, digital harassment

How to Fail at Flirting by Denise Williams is the perfect mix of rom-com and serious issues.
Naya and Jake’s relationship starts as a cute romance, but serious issues are presented in How to Fail at Flirting. Naya’s last boyfriend was abusive. The abuse affects Naya’s ability to become close to Jake. Will Naya’s past break up her and Jake?

The book had everything Irin wanted in a romance novel – characters with whom we could empathise from the very beginning, a cute plot but with unexpected emotional depth and a couple with swoon-worthy chemistry.


Truly Devious by Maureen Johnson

The book is the first novel in a series. Irin’s favourite thing about the book was how the author plotted twists in unexpected places and fabricated the image of the story in a vivid manner. Since Irin finished reading Truly Devious in just a day, we can tell how captivating the storyline was and we highly recommend it for you!


Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian

For the fantasy genre, Irin’s recommendation is a book that isn’t talked about much in the book community – Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian. It’s the first book in a trilogy, and is based on the story of Theodosia. If you love books with strong female leads, definitely pick it up!

Graphic Novel

Almost Midnight by Rainbow Rowell

“Almost Midnight is about Mags and Noel, two young people who meet at a New Year’s Eve party, quickly become best friends. The story specifically follows their subsequent meetings at a New Year’s eve party every year after that until they both realise that what they share is probably more than just friendship.”

– Goodreads

About its illustrations, this is what Irin had to say, “It filled my heart with all the lovey-dovey feels. I could stare at the illustrations in the book all day!”


The Perilous in-Between by Cortney Pearson

According to Irin, this book is the perfect blend of sci-fi and steampunk. It begins as a story of adventure and danger, and develops into a personal quest for the characters to solve the mystery behind the monster that holds their very existence in its hands. It explores the ways in which different people respond to adversity and conflict, and questions how those in a position of power use and abuse it.


Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier

This book has a special place in Irin’s heart as she began her journey in the world of classics with it. This book was so brilliantly fleshed out. Daphne Du Maurier does a brilliant job at describing the characters, their emotions, their body movements, their tone of voice, that it feels like these characters are so life-like and real. This book is so much more than a gothic romance that in Goodreads it is described as a novel that “covers scandal, lies, love, the other woman, jealousy, and self-identity.”


The writer is a proud Slytherin who loves binging on poetry and graphic novels in her free time.


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