World Book Day Special: 11+ Books for Your Quick Reads

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R E C O M M E N D A T I O N – B O O K 

Tasnia Shahrin

How many times have you decided to read a book but given up in the midway because it was just too long for your taste? Is this act of DNF-ing (Did Not Finishing) books slowly taking your reading spirit away? If that is the case, then worry no more, as I present to you a list of twelve quick reads that will clear your reading block and make you fall in love with reading all over again.

No Place Like Here by Christina June (194 pages)

A great YA summer camp story from the perspective of a wealthy teenager forced to take a summer job at camp. This is a quick and fun story dealing with family issues, depression, and incarceration.

In Paris with You by Clémentine Beauvaris (231 pages)

A love story in verse, set in Paris – will definitely swoon you away!

Love is for Losers by Wibke Brueggemann (253 pages)

A coming-of-age story and learning a little bit about love.

This book follows the main character Phoebe who thinks love is for losers and vows never to fall in love. But through a series of unfortunate events, she ends up volunteering at her God Mother’s charity shop, where she finds friendship and love in an unexpected place.

How the King of Elfhame Learned to Hate Stories by Holly Black (143 pages)

For the Folk of the Air fans, this one is an irresistible return to the captivating world of Elfhame with AMAZING illustrations that you cannot just miss out on. This incredible collection of short stories narrates specific moments in Cardan’s life before, during, and after the events of the Folk of the Air series.

Single and Forced to Mingle by Melissa Croce (124 pages)

Are you tired of fiction and in need of a highly entertaining, pick-me-up kind of book? Then look no further; this is definitely the book for you. This one is a self-help book that will literally make you LOL with its cheeky advice and fun quizzes.

Again Again by E. Lockhart (243 pages)

This book by Lockhart is a story about accepting the pain and joys of loving people. It shows us the bitter truth — how we fall in love even with the knowledge that this love (romantic/platonic) can and will bring us heartache. In short, it is a beautiful portrayal of human connection.

Once upon an Eid (182 pages)

Not many books in the contemporary world of literature revolve around the Muslim community’s most significant celebration – Eid. Hence, this book is a gem and one of a kind. It contains a graphic story as well as a verse story alongside several cozy short stories. It is really rich in terms of portraying multiple cultures, and the food descriptions are just icing on the top. It is highly recommended.

Twenty-One Truths About Love by Mathhew Dicks (248 pages)

It literally took me just an hour to finish this book because the entire plot is narrated through lists. Read the lists, and you will discover the intriguing character arc of the main character Dan. His anxieties, feelings of abandonment, failure, and desperation are palpable through these lists, making this book unique and worth your time.

Train Dreams by Denis Johnson (116 Pages)

This is a brief novella, easily readable in one sitting; well written and lyrical. It is a third-person historical tale about the life of Robert Grainier spanning the period from the 1880s to the 1960s, with the great depression of the 1930s standing out in the background. There is a good deal of American myth in this; the odd ghost, a feral child, half-dog half-wolf pets, frontier tales, and Grainier himself almost becomes mythical as a woodsman himself towards his end. Hence, this book is definitely worth a shot.

Point Omega by Don DeLillo ( 117 pages)

DeLillo is quite popular in the literary world for both long and short texts. This one is his fifteenth book, concise yet powerful. It is described as a “compelling portrait of grief refracted through art” by NY Times.


Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys (176 pages)

This novel, Rhys’s famous retelling of one of the worst love stories in literary history, tells the story of Mr Rochester from the point of view of the “madwoman in the attic”.

Special Mentions:

  • Sylvia by Leonard Michaels – 123 pages
  • Speedboat by Reneta Adler – 193 pages
  • The Lover by Marguerite Duras – 117 pages
  • Mrs. Caliban by Rachel Ingalls – 125 pages


Tasnia is a proud Slytherin who loves binging on poetry and graphic novels in her free time.


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