Abaro Beche Thakar Gaan — An Initiative to Save a Life

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E V E N T  R E P O R T

Formed by eleven students of Sunnydale school, Dana Melo is a student-based youth organisation working towards creating a better and more sustainable society and world. Encouraging the acceptance and observance of humanitarian values along with fulfilling a social or corporate agenda, they have been actively progressing towards fulfilling their core motto — To Live and To Fly. Dana Melo’s latest project — Abaro Beche Thakar Gaan — aims to ensure that.

Abaro Beche Thakar Gaan is a virtual fundraising live concert. The accumulated funds will go towards the medical expenses of Mithun Sarkar, a prominent artist from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Dhaka University. Mr. Sarkar has been suffering from acute kidney diseases since 2018. It has currently reached a terrible climax as he now requires transplants for both of his kidneys, that too within three months.

The virtual concert, which is to be held on 2 June, will feature a jam-packed lineup of artists who have come together for an united cause. They include popular folk band Joler Gaan, actor Chanchal Chowdhury, artists Sazu Khadem, and Kanak Aditya to name a few. The concert will last for approximately three hours, with each guest making appearances to talk about the fundraiser and perform pieces for the audience.

The concert will be held via Zoom and each ticket will cost 200 BDT only ($5). Anyone can donate more than the base price out of sheer goodwill and to further support the cause. 


To know more about the fundraiser, visit Dana Melo’s event page on Facebook.


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