“Boi Er Pata Theke”: Gonje Fereshta’s New Political Commentary Has Everyone Grooving

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Ayaz Hamid

The Bangladeshi indie music scene is still going strong, with dozens of new artists breaking on to the scene with the hopes of making it big. One such notable and contemporary example is the rock band Gonje Fereshta and their newest single “Boi Er Pata Theke” released on 10 June that has already received critical acclaim. With over 8000 views on YouTube as of writing this article, “Boi Er Pata Theke” is doing surprisingly well for a single from a relatively new Bangla rock band and the song is already spreading on social media like wildfire. It would be criminal for us to not talk about the song and its alluring effects, so let’s look at what exactly makes “Boi Er Pata Theke” so different from the products of other bands in the Bangla musical arena.  

It is evident from the moment the words start flowing in that the song is a social commentary dealing with ideas such as oppressive governments and our current society nurtured by digital media. The lyrics have an unexpected Dylan-esque quality, with the style of the delivery and the content being a subtle sneer at governments and their repression of contradictory opinions by people. The powerful yet condescending style of the vocals and the slightly catchy rhythm accompanying it have indeed made this song a unique piece in contemporary Bangla rock. 

When it comes to the melody, the influence of blues in the song is undeniable, and it’s a contributing factor to the band’s unique sound as a whole. The smooth and haunting guitar riffs play along well with the overarching theme of the song and manage to express themselves without compromising the thematic integrity of the lyrics. Whilst the piece is undoubtedly rock, there are traces of psychedelic and blues that spice up the sound and truly gives the song its own spirit and identity. The chord progression and beats keep it groovy but there’s a feeling of melancholic bliss when you listen to it. Although the song seems a bit incongruous in the middle, the last verse compensates for it with some excellent vocals and a good ol’ fashioned guitar solo.    

The fusional approach towards the piece is what makes the song stand out so much and this style of melody has yet to be implemented in the Bangla rock industry, something that one would seldom expect from a band so new to the spotlight. This phenomenon is rare and has shown Gonje Fereshta’s ability to ignore musical norms and focus on adapting other styles to rock to create their own different sound, something that definitely deserves appreciation in an industry that often forces content to be more homogenous for short-term commercial success. 

TL;DR the song’s good and it is easy to see why it’s getting traction so fast. Bold lyrics, amazing melody, slightly catchy riffs — this song has it all. While it’s not Bangla rock’s magnum opus, it is good to see such experimentation being conducted within the realm of the genre. It is also quite refreshing to see so many Bangladeshi bands and musicians testing the waters, and producing new music that is well beyond “generic” rock. The genre is reaching new heights in Bangladesh and new bands like Gonje Fereshta are surely paving the way for something different and exciting in the near future. We at TDA congratulate the band on the new release and look forward to more phenomenal pieces from the band in days to come. 


Ayaz is a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur who also happens to dabble in songwriting from time to time. Hit him up at [email protected] if you can tolerate an annoying Bob Dylan fan-boy fawning over fancy words.

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