Remembrance: Dads in the Park’s Newest Pop Punk Anthem

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R E V I E W – M U S I C

Ayaz Hamid

Bangladeshi rock bands singing in English have a much harder time than most when it comes to establishing a foothold in the music industry. Very few listen to English songs produced by Bangali artists and thus the people that do end up listening to them are part of a very selective audience. Dads in the Park, however, have consistently shown themselves to be the exception to the rule.

Gaining the attention of rock fans with their song “Lullaby” back in 2019, Dads in the Park has also released two more singles in 2020. Their most recent song “Remembrance” is one that sums up everything that is great about the band and shows why the band’s songs, despite having lyrics written in English, have caught the hearts and minds of so many people.

“Remembrance” is a song that is reminiscent of 2000’s pop-punk songs with a crisp bassline and thundering yet mellifluous power chords. A short intro with synths followed by amazing guitar works along with the power chords immediately draws you into the song, with smooth vocals that truly seal the deal. The drumming is absolutely delightful and keeps you bopping along with the song. When it comes to the stylistic nature of the song, the tune is very much influenced by pop-punk bands like Panic! At the Disco and All Time Low, and it is refreshing to see this genre of music making a comeback here in Bangladesh. The lyrics too are quite well written and explore topics such as staying stalwart and not giving up which albeit being a common theme in the genre does the job well.

In other words, you have to listen to the songs to fully grasp what I have been talking about so far. It is a wonder that a band from Bangladesh could nail punk rock songs in such an effective way, from the sounds, the beats to the songwriting and vocals. “Remembrance” is a must-listen for any rock fans out there.

Songs in English performed by a native Bangladeshi band tend to not do well in terms of steady listeners and commercial success, but Dads in the Park’s portfolio shows that they can indeed turn things around. “Remembrance” and past works show the band’s capacity to produce a constant stream of songs that sound and feel amazing. One can hope that their skills and hard work land them on the global stage one day, because from the quality of their current works, one cannot deny that they truly deserve it.


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