Breeze Amidst a Shower

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Abrar Jamil

Breeze amidst a shower

Dead calm, after the storm

Hours before dawn.

In the peaceful quiet

A tranquil world

And a sky of abyssal dark

The sound of only raindrops.

And a soft, gentle breeze.


Breeze amidst a drizzle

Slow winds, cool to the senses

But warm to the heart.

In the bleak surroundings

A drenched world

And a nightingale in full song

Somewhere in the rain.

And a cold, damp breeze.


Breeze amidst a thunderstorm

Opalescent skies, that gleam

Like black pearls.

In the ubiquitous darkness

A laser show

Of sudden, ephemeral flashes

As if strobe lights in the sky.

And a frantic, sporadic breeze.


Breeze amidst a nimbus

Dense clouds, stretched over the horizon

Like a heavy blanket.

In the deserted streets

Devoid yet full of life

Only a few stray cats

Soaking in the wet.

And a soothing, sedative breeze.


Breeze amidst a mist

Rippling drops, rejuvenating

Somnolent landscapes.

In the lush nature

A rich yet refreshing aroma

With a hint of savoury

The smell of earth.

And a sweet, fragrant breeze.


Breeze amidst a downpour

Cascading waterfalls, lustrating

Tarnished environments.

In the stormy weather

A tainted world

Being purified by a screen

Of clear, sparkling rain.

And a cleansing, healing breeze.


Breeze amidst a mizzle

Squalling winds, diffusing

Through rustling leaves.

In the eerie silence

A susurrus

Of murmurs and hushed whispers

As if leaf flutes in chorus.

And a harmonic, musical breeze.


Breeze amidst a cloudburst

Dim moonlight, leaking

Through porous clouds.

In the misshapen shadows

Mirror-like puddles

Reflecting the sublime beauty

Of a gorgeous night.

And a charming, elegant breeze.


Breeze amidst a rainfall

Round droplets, crystallising

On gossamer window panes.

In the slippery roofs

Wallowing in the cooling waters

A lone you, relishing the delicate wetness

Of the rain against your skin.

And a heavenly breeze amidst it all.


Abrar Jamil is a sucker for anime, ridiculous food combos, and would eat almost anything with chopsticks. Send him anime suggestions at [email protected]

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