Dear Sleep

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Charushila Bhaswati

Echoes of sighs filling out the hollow room
The whirring of the fan breaking the silence,
The silence that puts even blaring screams to shame.

Tiny lights being alive for a moment and
Then dying again,
Reminding you of how your heart’s been doing just the same.

The ironic juxtaposition amuses itself,
In the way your eyes can’t keep them open, yet
Sleep feels like a traveller who’s lost his way.

The softness of the pillow,
Just can’t take the heaviness in the back of your head away.
It’s just another bed for your tears to rest.

Counting backwards never even stood a chance.
The only way sleep stays is when your mind fights back,
When it locks the door shut to keep the demons away.

Where you fall to lose yourself,
Still, you don’t feel undefeated.
A gateway to moments of utter oblivion,
You just wait endlessly for the gates to open.


Charushila remains a mystery unless she wants to be unravelled. 

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