“People mostly ignore when I ask for help”: Anwar Kader Chowdhury, a Hijra apa

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How familiar are you with digital platforms, such as Facebook, Email, Zoom, etc.?

Anwar Apa: I use email, WhatsApp, and Facebook. I am not very good at it. I try to learn from other people how to operate it but most of the time people are unwilling to help. They just ignore me when I ask for help.


What do you think of the use of digital platforms for commercial purposes such as online businesses? Would you be interested to start your own business if given the opportunity?

Anwar Apa: I want to do online business, but I don’t know how to run online pages. I have some ideas for online businesses. If we were given some sort of training, it would be very helpful for us. I don’t have a stable job right now, and having my own online business would help me earn some money and support myself in this time of crisis.


Have you faced any online harassment?

Anwar Apa: I have faced a lot of harassment and cyber threats. Random people call me and ask for money. They also tease me and pass derogatory remarks about my identity. I don’t know how to block these callers and unsolicited messages.


How has your overall experience with digital media been?

Anwar Apa: It has been alright. I think it is useful, but I would like to learn how to use these platforms properly and take advantage of the facilities offered by them.


Interviewed by Ariza Hossain


This piece was made in collaboration with Bodol and TransEnd.

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