How to be a Good Writer 

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Naomi Debnath

Every human being on this earth has the potential to become a writer. We all have the talent for storytelling and instructing. If we are really determined, we are capable of achieving anything. But then we come to the fact that there are some who write better than others. Does that mean that the rest of us are actually bad writers? Certainly not. We just have to find out what exactly makes a good writer.

Some people say that a good writer is someone who is always writing, they are the people who can write over 3000 words in one sitting. Then there are others who say that a good writer is someone who can capture the reader’s attention. While these are both true observations, it is in no way right to simply assume that possessing either one of these traits makes you the best writer. In fact, you will need both of these qualities to be a good writer. 

Now, we know the two key elements to become a good writer. But another thing we need to discuss is the writer’s writing habits. While there are many good habits for writing, here are a few useful ones: 


Write everyday

It does not have to be anything important. You just need to stimulate your brain to process writing. 


Always keep notes of ideas

Ideas are the most important part of writing. Don’t let yourself forget any of the interesting things that you have thought of. 


Take breaks

It is not possible to continuously write all the time. If you are stuck, distance yourself a little. A break for your brain will help you think and when you return to your work, you will be writing even better. 


Push yourself to edit

Editing is one of the hardest parts of writing. Correcting mistakes and rewriting sentences and paragraphs can be a pain. But be patient and stay strong, because this is also one of the most important parts of writing. The better you edit, the better your writing will become. 



This is a very common piece of advice for writers. To improve your writing, you must broaden your knowledge of writing styles and genres, as well as your vocabulary and grammar. Always be in the practice of reading something. 


Don’t give up

Writing is one of the greatest achievements of mankind. It is a very ancient and sophisticated form of craft. It will be difficult for anyone who is a beginner to write anything properly in the first try. But do not be down-hearted. Keep going. If you persevere, you will get good results. 

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