Movie Review: Toy Story 4

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Auruba Raki

The conclusion to an animated saga that is essentially perfect, Toy Story 4 does justice to the progression of the story-line through the return of beloved characters, detachment, existential crisis, as well as the acceptance of the ever-surging dynamic of life. In this Woody-centric plot, we find him struggling with not being his new child Bonnie’s favourite toy anymore. He swallows his pride and instills a sense of purpose in the new googly-eyed spork Forky. Not only does he pursue Forky from throwing himself away, he convinces him that his place is not in the trash can — that Forky is indeed of significance to Bonnie. He and Forky are apprehended by an evil Gabbie at an antique toy store while on his search for Bo Peep. Woody manages to escape but Gabbie captures Forky. When Woody finds Bo and insists on saving Forky, Bo disagrees. Woody declares that rescuing Forky is his remaining purpose and tells Bo that being loyal is something a lost toy wouldn’t understand. Gabbie, rejected by her ideal child, despite gaining Woody’s voice box is also extended empathy to by Woody as he offers her to be Bonnie’s toy too. In the end, through a heartfelt and bereft farewell, Woody bids adieu to his friends as he welcomes a new dauntless life with Bo Peep and other lost toys. As a remarkably stirring finale to an unparalleled saga, Toy Story 4 merits the 92nd Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film.

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