As You Sow, So Shall You Reap

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Tayeba Sharif

I hope my words find the future generations as time capsule, so that they understand where we went wrong, and they shouldn’t.

We have been unkind to nature, because we are more attached to what we made rather than who made us. We have killed trees to make our houses pretty, poached animals for entertainment, pricked minks for eyelashes, and widowed the seas by dumping plastics.

Now the glaciers are crying, and the earth has a fever due to all the greenhouses. What has happened was long overdue in order to feel what the trunks fail to express, broken horns, and fur for robes.

We made death look so easy while atrophying the nature of its resources. Now it is telling us how it actually feels to be in their place.

We have been suckers of luxury, of forcing the wrong into right. We have humiliated pure people by embracing corruption and shortcuts. We have exploited resources so much that now some days of deficit are making us panic over its availability.

This isn’t just a pandemic, this is a mirror of all that we have sowed carelessly.

Let’s all ask for forgiveness, because unlike us, nature is kind.

Tayeba is a Realist by the Day, Dreamer by Night.

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