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Md Rifat Ahmed Riyad

What’s this void inside of me?

Why do all my thoughts center around it?

Regardless of the myriad happy thoughts I have, 

They are all sucked into this bottomless void!


Is it a Blackhole then?

Like the one which sits at the centre of Galaxies.

Around which revolves all the stars,

Destined to be demolished, and fated to lose all their colours.


Yes, the void inside of me is a Blackhole!

Its enormous mass bends my space and time;

I visit past, present, and future at the same time,

Reality seems to me an illusion,

Not even a single light of hope can escape its event horizon. 


Though I can’t quite grasp the nature of this hole,

It’s continuously flaying parts of me, leaving me fragile.

My flame is deeming day by day,

One day there won’t be even a single ray,

Cause I’ll be engulfed and will become a part of my own Blackhole.

Only then I guess I’ll find out what its nature is while swimming in an infinite null.


Riyad identifies himself as a cinephile. He loves travelling, listening to music, and learning foreign languages. 

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