Introduction to AI

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Jena S. Alam

Imagine a world where machines can understand you, where machines can fulfil the need of a friend, where machines can serve every purpose of a human or even more. Imagine every sci-fi movie you have ever watched becoming a reality.

Does this thrill you? Well it should, but not because these intelligent machines can cause an apocalypse or enslave you; you should be thrilled to discover and be a part of an amazing revolution of technology. AI (artificial intelligence) has been an interesting subject for ages, and a complicated one too. What even is artificial intelligence? How is it beneficial? Are there morals and ethics that should concern us when it comes to AI? Should we be scared of AI?

Well, every answer is debatable. AI is, indeed, one of the most controversial technological research-concepts. But what gives more reasons for us to stand against such a marvelous science is myth. Lack of knowledge about AI causes more confusion, alarming us. Most of our AI-knowledge base is made up of sci-fi movies, books, and other entertaining resources. But it is much more than that. AI is often known as machine intelligence which defines the ability to do human-like behaviour or things that are normally possible for living things to perform: Things like learning, solving problems, planning, thinking, etc.

AI is programming for machines that makes them compatible with humans. AI is not impossible, and it is not a fallacy. Sophia (a humanoid robot) is one of the biggest examples of artificial intelligence. But she wasn’t the first representation of AI.

AI is all around us — making our lives easier. To help a machine develop AI, you have to start from the scratch. It means you need to feed it information, so that it can give you output. The machine outsmarting you is just a hypothesis, but it is highly unlikely since the machine can only follow a certain algorithm. We use AI every day in our lives; social media is one of the largest users of AI.

Your Email recognising spam mails, your Facebook only showing content you may be interested in, your Instagram suggesting things you might want to buy — everything uses AI. You feed the algorithm information which helps it perform better, making it more efficient at using.

AI is a path to massive technological benefits. Life will be so much easier with more development in the science of AI. AI can do things we have never thought of. There is so much yet to discover.

The question is, how much more is there to AI than we know of?


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