TDA Recommends: AI Artists & Their Masterpieces

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Juairia Haque Mahi



AICAN by Ahmed Elgammal is an AI that autonomously produces authentic art.



Drawing Operations by Sougwen Chung possesses the algorithm to learn the drawing style of artists’ hands. This enables the AI to replicate and produce the drawings by itself.



Deep Meditations by Memo Akten is a large-scale 60-minute-film of almost everything from the very beginning of time. This AI creates avant-garde art from the huge dataset it has been fed, including all the abstract human concepts.



Neural Zoo by Sofia Crespo is an exploration of the combination between producing avant-garde creatures and the creativity of human minds.



WDCH Dreams by Refik Anadol is a project that generates visualisation from the archival LA Phil’s repertoire and tangibly exhibits the performances from the last 100 years.


The recommender is a part of the TDA (formerly BLF) editorial team.


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