A Silent Uproar

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Sanjida Tamanna

She was sitting on her bed, by the window, and suddenly realised someone was singing. She recognised that song.

She turned around and saw her mom folding her favourite green scarf and singing.

She asked, “Why do you sing the same song all the time, mom? 

“Because I love this song. Did you know I won first prize for performing it in high school?” 

“Yeah, yeah you told me that many times!” she remarked her mom with glittering eyes.

Hearing that her mom laughed aloud and then asked, “Why are you so messy? Why can’t you keep your clothes and your room clean and tidy? When will you grow up?”

In a fit of rage, she replied, “I will never! I like being messy, mom.” Then she suddenly screamed, “Mom, don’t touch that book. I haven’t finished reading it yet. Keep it where it was.”

“At least try to tidy your books, dear. It’s all over the place!”

“I love those messy books and folded, old, brown pages of them,” she said smilingly. 

“Why didn’t you give your dirty clothes to Nima aunty for washing them?”

“I don’t like her, mom! I will wash them by myself.”

“Why, dear? She really likes you, and even tries hard all the time to make you happy,” she found her mom explaining it with much concern.

“She is very dear to dad, and you know that I can’t stand it if anyone is close to him other than you,” by saying this she started to cry aloud. 

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. It was her dad.

“Oh, dad. What happened?” the girl asked. 

“Your Nima aunty organised a get together for your mom’s third death anniversary, please, get ready and come downstairs to attend.

She got out of bed, paused her music player and suddenly turned towards her bed-side table only to notice her medicines were lying there, intact. She forgot to take them. Her psychiatrist strictly recommended her to take them regularly to get rid of all kinds of hallucinations.

Perhaps, she forgot, or really didn’t want to, for this day.


Sanjida Tamanna is struggling to be a perfectionist like Monica Geller with her OCD symptoms. Send her cures at [email protected]

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