A Letter to my Love

Maisha Islam Monamee


I truly believe in love at first sight.

It all began when I first saw you.

It started when my eyes were first introduced to light.

Now it happens everyday in ways anew.

I must agree that love is blind.

It began with us not being able to see each other.

Yet love purer than this is impossible to find.

As this serene bond is between a little daughter and her mother.

As I grew up, I understood that love is selfless.

Love makes you care with all you have within you.

It forces you to overlook your happiness.

It makes your life centered around people very few.

But as they say, love is magical as well.

And that makes me incomplete in your absence.

As within my heart, your beats dwell.

And your mind is my soul’s effervescence.

I must confess that I am truly incomplete without you.

You are more of a best friend than a mother.

With you, each day seems like an ecstasy new.

As with you, I have no reason to bother.

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  1. Mother, a name so mysterious yet close to hear. Mother can be noone except the mothers. Yet I urge that we give personal space and some positive freedom to the mothers to breath their lives too. They are humane enough to get exhausted equally like any other group.

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