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Fatin Hamama

If your love for worlds of teleportation and time travel, aliens and alternate realities, spaceships and intergalactic battles runs deep, any time is the perfect time for delving into a good old science fiction fandom. Therefore, this quarantine, here’s a handful of sci-fi book trilogies and series to lose yourself into.


Red Rising – Pierce Brown (Not completed yet)

Beneath the barren surface of mars, Darrow and his kin, both of whom are the Reds—a low caste Colour in a colour coded future society—mine helium-3 for Mars’s terraforming. But when a tragic turn of events later, it’s revealed to him that Mars had been terraformed generations ago,  without the knowledge of his enslaved people, Darrow unites with the Sons of Ares in banishing the reign of Golds from the solar system and putting an end to their endless oppression. Featuring breathtaking space battles, electrifying action and galvanic wars of power woven with hilarity, love and high octave messages, this amazing series will easily enchant worshippers of Star Wars, The Hunger Games and Game of Thrones alike.


The Themis Files – Sylvain Neuvel (Completed)

On her 11th birthday, Rose Franklin falls through the earth in the palm of a gigantic metal hand set in a cubic room glowing with ludicrous inscribings. 17 years later, now a brilliant physicist, Rose is leading a secret project in order to unravel the mysteries of the bizarre artifact with its perplexing engineering-patterned unknown origin. But when they start discovering other such parts scattered all over the earth that inevitably merge into a gargantuan, almost humanoid robot, the architecture of which even the most genius minds of mankind can’t comprehend, there are answers to find. Told using a completely unique narrative structure, this tale of aliens and mysteries coupled with hilariously accurate political depictions is bound to take the readers on a thrill-ride of a trilogy.


Aurora Rising – Amie Kauffman, Jay Kristoff (Not completed yet)

Being the finest acolyte of Aurora Academy’s graduating class of 2380, Tyler Jones has his ambition of leading the best Aurora Legion squad in the galaxy damn straight. The entire universe’s fate is turned upside down along with him when he finds Aurora O’ Malley in the Fold an interdimensional space—asleep in a spaceship that was launched for a mission to a planet no database knows of, 200 years ago. And now, Squad-312 with its underdog misfits of the Academy and a girl out of time is sucked into a war thousands of years in the making. An excellent take on the classic space sci-fi trope, this whirlwind of a series still in works is bound to keep you on the edge with unpredictable plot twists and astonishing secrets uncovered every few pages. Absolutely enthralling.


Skyward – Brandon Sanderson (Not completed yet)

In a distant future, the last of mankind is stuck on the planet Detritus, forced to live in subterranean caves due to the frequent mysterious alien attacks occurring on the surface. The bravest of their kind work in the air force, protecting them from the threats of invasions. Spensa Nightshade’s father used to be one of them before he, for reasons unknown, betrayed his crew on his last mission and was killed later, leaving his daughter with slim chances of getting in DDF, despite her dream of becoming a pilot, as a penance for his act of cowardice. But when she discovers the wreckage of a starship with a soul, it’s bound to change her life for good. Coupled with extraordinary world-building and incredible character development, this ongoing sci-fi series with its jaw dropping plot deserves a place on everyone’s TBR pile.



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