Poetry Night: Quarantine Sessions hosted by 3rd Space

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Anindya Arif

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, 3rd Space organised Poetry Night: Quarantine Sessions to ease the ongoing stress and anxiety and to show their continuous support for the local poetry scene.

This exciting initiative was undertaken by 3rd space to encourage the country’s literary talents, as well as to expand upon their vision of creating a thriving community of literary local artists from every aspect.

The event was conducted completely on a digital platform where interested participants had sent in their poetry recitation videos beforehand, which were then streamed live by 3rd Space on Facebook for everyone to watch. 

The programme was then viewed by roughly forty or so viewers. The small audience made the event feel homely and intimate, and their continuous show of support and appreciation for the performing artists was delightful to see.

The lineup of poets consisted of both rookie and veteran poets, such as the poet of All The Quiet Places, Shaira Afrida Oyshee, and multi-talented singer/poet Tilok Adnan, among others.

The poems consisted of all forms of issues including heartaches, closures, poetically charming cities, and were written in both Bangla and English.

All of this was done in the tightly constructed 45-minutes event, which was time absolutely well spent for all the poetry lovers. Timely one-liners and meaningful insights from the host Max Mystel kept the event fresh and lively throughout.

The whole event can still be accessed from 3rd Space’s Facebook page, and the performances showcased today along with some new ones will soon be uploaded to their YouTube channel.


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