Empty Hands

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Muhammad Ibn Sharif Spandan

 Waiting every year
With eager little hands
For fresh, crunchy notes,
Their aroma fills our nose.

Plagued by corona,
Festivities are gone,
Does not matter,
Families enjoy alone yet together,
Through video calls and love.

Children without Eidi
Will understand the importance,
To have pity,
For the starving ones.
For whom Zakah,
Cannot possibly come,
During the crisis of Amphan and Corona.

Happiness does not come,
Through an empty stomach,
Nor an empty heart,
Together we can,
Warm our heart by giving away our love,
Comforting a destitute stomach,
Fighting sorrows without touch.

Praying for all at home,
With our families,
Sending aid together,
Standing far from each other,
Together we can fight all disasters,
So that in the future,
We can be close forever.


Spandan is definitely the gentlest troublemaker, with hilarious incidents caused by him every now and then.

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