Eid-ul Fitr 2020: Another Usual Weekend

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Tanzim Ahmmed Siam

Eid-ul Fitr 2020? Not really looking forward to it, because I love to spend my Eid days at my village. But this time, it’s different and I am grateful that I am still not bound and helpless to walk to my village despite the lockdown imposed around the country. This time, I shall be staying in Dhaka spending my Eid more or less like a usual weekend.

My epic plan this Eid, like all the other productive people out there, is to sleep till noon as there is no Namaaz at 8am in the morning. I mean, if I see it from my not-so-religious point of view, sleeping till noon has kind of started to feel like Eid for me ever since I have got into high school. I have forgotten when I last slept this much. However, like my every other plan ever, my dad will probably ruin this one, too. 

One thing I will miss this year, is going to the Eidgah field with cousins, and for no reason at all, shaming one of us — গোলাপি পাঞ্জাবি পরছস কেন?. I will probably start the day with mouth-watering shemai, following the ultimate গ্রাম-বাংলা tradition. My mom will probably cook extremely delicious khichuri or polao, and I will be devouring it all day long which will be another of my failed attempts to gain some weight. 

In this existing lockdown, we will be visiting none and none will be visiting us except my two cousins and their parents who live right across the street. So, all the plans will be circling around these two families. I have recently bought a carrom board and a karaoke mic. Given that Satan will finally be released, we will probably aid his cause by playing some games and songs which are not-so-halal from the viewpoint of some desi mollas. 

Well, I am wholeheartedly sorry for my ammunition-case given I will not be buying any new gun from a fair this time. And I have a hunch that my epic Eid day will end with my dad compelling me to sit studying at night like a usual weekend, because he wants me to become an engineer who will cure corona, and for some reason, this is very normal for him. Or at least, he will end up shaming me in front of all the guests listing out the reasons why I am a worthless piece of failure, and how all my friends are becoming Harvard graduates during this lockdown period for the zillionth time. 

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