Eid-ul-Fitr 2020 Special: The Joy of Sharing

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Mashiat Islam Promiti

I was feeling dizzy when the first ray of sunlight fell upon my face. After night long gossips and a small Mehedi session, I was too tired to even get up. The sunshine peeked into my room, though my soft green curtains and a sudden energy woke me up. As I stepped out in my PJs, I was surprised to see everyone sparkling in their new outfits. I decided to dress up to match their glamour after a quick bath.

When I came out, I saw everyone running across the house. I got hold of my sister and asked her about it. She answered me in a soft and light tone, “We are leaving for Grandpa’s house and would be staying there for three days, as always.”

I immediately packed my clothes in a small backpack and just before leaving my room, I had an excellent idea of distributing Eidi among my younger cousins. I took my saved Eidis and left the room. My mother scolded me, as I was the only person left in the house and we were getting late. I sat in the car and smiled towards everyone but they were all irritated as I was late, once again.

It took us an hour to reach home. I noticed my grandparents standing outside to welcome us. My dad got out of the car and touched his parents’ feet. My sister and I also followed the custom. Immediately, we were given a few new crisp notes. On entering the house, I smiled in awe on seeing all the kids in new clothes. They were all very happy to see us. 

My father and my uncles left for the prayer,  and I sat on grandma’s bed for some rest. I opened my bag to take out my phone when my fingers touched those crisp notes again. I noticed the Eidi I had brought and went out to call my younger cousins. They all came running towards me and stood in a line. 

I said, “Now, you shall get your Eidi.”

They looked very confused after hearing that word, as they heard it for the first time. I took out my money and gave a hundred taka note  to each of them. They were glowing with smiles after receiving the money and tears found their way into my eyes. I felt very blessed after giving them Eidi for the first time and decided that I won’t take Eidi this year. The biggest Eidi I received ever in my life was their happiness.


Mashiat believes in bright sunshine after dark night and is overwhelmingly optimistic about life.

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