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Saam Hasan

As my forehead leans towards the floor,

My ears spring to life,

At the distant cling of my phone.


As my hands are raised, and eyes closed

My mind suddenly remembers

That scheduled conference call.


As I read to imbibe the meaning of life,

The words permeate to my soul.

Suddenly, my stomach screams to try that meal offer tonight.

My fingers are anxious to beat that Ludo high score.


And so, I go back,

To my scrolling, to those messages I’ll never reply,

To those presentation slides that feel so bland,

To that new TV show I was meaning to try.


But as I do, an odd feeling trickles down my spine.

A reminder of what I had rushed past.

I sigh, perhaps, a dua would take up more of our time,

If it came with a hashtag.


Whether it’s pop culture, fiction or politics, writing is Saam’s ultimate passion and reprieve. 

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