Eid in Lockdown

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Jena S. Alam

From choosing a dress from an extreme shopping spree, to exchanging gifts with loved ones and visiting everyone, or just offering the special prayer, we commemorate the special Islamic day – Eid. As we engage in commenting on each other’s Eid outfit and wishing everyone Eid Mubarak, reunite with family members, ask for Eidi from the older relatives, show off the henna design; Eid is always exhilarating. The best among all the Eid activities is, experiencing the amazing food made for that day. After a whole month of fasting, Eid is an extremely cheerful, festive experience.

But this year, due to the critical state of Covid-19, Eid is going to be very different. We have been unable to break fast with any of our other family members living apart from us. Eid during a lockdown means no new dresses, no Eid prayer and worst of them all, no guests or visiting relatives.

It can be very disheartening to think of an Eid amidst lockdown,  but all we can do is making the best out of it. Festivity is not always about social gatherings and new clothes. This year, we can spend Eid at home doing everything we would have done without social gathering. We can order ourselves outfits for Eid, or if that is not feasible, we can just wear something from our wardrobe and celebrate Eid with the people we have. We can still make all the delightful food items we would have made for our guests. We can still decorate our households. We can still pray at our home. We can still make Eid feel like Eid.

This year, my Eid plans are basic. I will decorate my house like every other year and wake up early in the morning to wish everyone Eid Mubarak, but this time with the help of technology.  I will be making some of the traditional dishes made by my family for Eid. I have planned on dressing up and calling all my friends and family. For me, I would not allow Covid-19 to be an excuse to deprive me from my Eidi, I have planned to collect them all after this situation becomes normal. I and my cousins have decided to make e-cards for everyone. I have a lunch plan with my sister and her in-laws and a dinner plan with my cousins. Later that day, I will finally video call all my friends to show our henna designs. Being unable to get out during Eid is a little upsetting, but I have found ways to enjoy it.

Eid is the festival of breaking fast. Eid is about doing charity. Eid is about celebration. Eid is about appreciating loved ones. Eid can never be depressing. It is a holy celebration, and nothing can ever make Eid not happening. You have to make Eid exciting for yourself by allowing yourself to believe that Eid can be celebrated joyfully amidst this lockdown.

So, make your own Eid plans. Make your Eid festive for yourself. Call your friends. Call your relatives. Dress up. Turn your Eid exciting. Have a blessed Eid.

Eid Mubarak!


Jena loves getting messy with her paint when it comes to leisure time.


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