Eid Amidst a Pandemic

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Adib Ferdous

As we know, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has radically changed our lifestyles and ways we experience the usual events in our life. But even then, observing one of the most major holidays of the year, in this strange situation, is going to be difficult. Our usual idea of celebration and refreshment is unlikely to be useful this year, especially with so many people’s lives at risk.

However, one of the most inspirational features humans have is that we can find inspiration and positivity in the most dire situations, which gives us strength to face these situations in the long run. As we prepare ourselves to experience an Eid like no other, this might be a good time to entertain the possible opportunities of an Eid spent during a pandemic.

This Eid is going to be different for people from different walks of life. The biggest change would be perhaps, trying to find happiness with your loved ones at this time of uncertainty. The past few months being locked inside home has pushed many families towards severe financial crises that will surely affect a huge number of people. They might be unable to buy the fancy dresses and delicious food items they are used to enjoying every Eid. Not to mention a very significant part of our Eid — shopping in markets until “chaadraat”, has also not been possible due to the current situation. 

Most of us are accustomed to enjoying our Eid visiting friends’ houses after the Eid prayer, hanging out with friends in the afternoon of Eid, and socialising with the people we love and care about. Nights were usually reserved for family dinners and invitations at relative’s houses. But this Eid is definitely going to be different. 

But, Bangalis will always find a way to connect with the ones they love and share good memories. People are already planning to join in video calls in the morning of Eid and share the happiness of Eid with each other. A very fundamental part of Eid, the Namaaz, will also not be possible this year, so we will have to learn to adapt to the new realities. This is the time we show the strength of our communal brotherhood by sharing whatever we have, for people around us who are not fortunate enough.

But all these come with some sort of upside-downs as well, all we need is an approach to accept them. This Eid, we get a rare opportunity to reconnect with our family members and relive the bonds that are usually undermined and taken for granted. We can rediscover our relations with our parents, siblings, and neighbours and celebrate the connections we often overlook because of the abundance of options. 

Then, there are ones who always spend their Eid inside the house — sleeping or reading books they love, or watching movies they find moving — enjoying their own company. Maybe this Eid, the key to completely cherishing the moments is, to take a lesson from them and try to find happiness within ourselves.


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