Dear Papa

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Mehnaaz Pervin Tuli

Dear Papa,

How are you doing in the celestial world, the place we call the other world? Is it too hot there or freezing cold? I always pray to Allah so that I could send a message every now and then, through Him or His angels. Have they mentioned any? They better should, or I might give them a penalty.

You know papa, this time I am sending you Eidi or say Eid Salami, now that I earn and am self-dependent.  Please accept this and be proud of me. 

Eid was always suffocating to some extent while you were in this world alive. You know the reason why. You were abroad alone for work leaving us here in Bangladesh. You had no option, I understand, but I always wanted to take Eidi from you, wear new clothes and roam around Dhaka city, gossip, take a rickshaw ride, have fuchka. Yes! But you were not even here to give Eid Salami.

I am sorry, I might sound selfish because you were away for us, for our good, for your precious work, for our prospective future. I should understand and I do.

Then after long years of working abroad, you came to Bangladesh and I was overwhelmed to know that I will not miss Eidi from now, but something very bad happened—very ominous and scary. You got hospitalised out of the blue and we could not understand what to do. 

Papa, you should have fought with your fate to extend your stay on this Earth a little longer, at least till another Eid. That is what I wanted you to know today. We both wanted this, me and my younger brother. You should have been adamant to discuss this with Allah. But you did not, hence I felt angry, and my mind was full of grief. 

But it is time I forgave you for leaving your adorable daughter in this world almost alone to make her more strong and resilient. That is why now I am sending you Eidi, and you will be happy to receive these with the letter, too. 

Buy some sweets and do not forget to distribute those among the angels there who have been taking care of my mind, soul, and mental health while you are away. I always talk to the angels on the other world who are taking care of you there. Eid Mubarak, Papa, my dearest mentor.  


With love,

A daughter madly in love with her father


Tuli likes to have small talks with people of various cultures, religions, and races. She can’t sit at home and would prefer living out of a suitcase at any time. 

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