Kite Flying as a Quarantine Hobby

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Md Rifat Ahmed Riyad

Hobbies bring colour to our lives and help us go through difficult times. For this reason, we seek refuge in them whenever we encounter problems too big to deal with — to make us forget about all our troubles. And now more than ever, we need hobbies to keep us distracted from the constant consternation of the ongoing pandemic.

Usually, when we’re free, we pick a book or a movie to enjoy our leisure time. But you see, nothing is usual anymore; we’re living in an unusual world where we’re all hiding behind our doors, and out there prances the mortal enemy, Covid-19. Though it’s a submicroscopic pathogen, it poses a threat as big as that posed by Thanos. While it’s trying to wipe out half the population, doctors, our mighty Avengers, are trying to figure out how to stop it.

So, worrying over what’s going to happen won’t do any good; rather, it will deteriorate our mental health. All we can do to keep us sane is to replace these pointless worries with novel hobbies.

By now, people have found out their new hobbies. Some have started learning to cook, some are gardening, some are learning new instruments and languages, some are listening to podcasts and music from varied genres, some are doing digital calligraphy, some are making memes, some are exercising, some are stargazing at night, and so on. And there are some who have found great solace in flying kites in these distressing times.

We’re all tired of looking through our windows and strolling through our verandahs. So, do you not wish to look at the wide sky, of which you get a very little glimpse from your room? Well, flying kites will not only allow you to do so but it will also offer you an amazing experience.

Many people flew kites when they were little, and some of them even succeeded at flying their kites so high that they looked more like moving dots in the sky. So, after all these years, flying kites during this lockdown will definitely make them nostalgic. Maybe you are not one of them; maybe you never flew a kite in your whole life, let alone touch the sky with one. But you always wondered what it feels like to fly one, because you always loved seeing others do it and the idea of doing it yourself.

Wait no more — now is the best time to embark on this long cherished wish because of two reasons: Firstly, because you are staying at home all day long and you have plenty of time on your hands; secondly, nowadays there’s a lot of wind outside, especially in the afternoons. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get a kite already! You can either buy it or make it by yourself by watching any kite making tutorial on YouTube. And guess what, there are plenty of such videos on YouTube. So if you do not like one, you can always choose another. And by following the instructions, you’ll be able to make your own kite in no time, because it’s very easy. 

Once you’ve finished making your kite or collecting it from somewhere else, all you need to do now is find a strong string for your kite. You can use regular sewing thread as your string if your kite is a small one, but do make sure that it’s strong enough to hold your kite. Now, you can use a natai to fly your kite, or you could just use the reel of the thread you’ll be using. But using a natai is a better idea because it’s comfortable. 

After you’ve equipped yourself with all these things, you’re good to go. So, just run outside if you have fields or open spaces in the vicinity, or go to your rooftop. Start releasing your thread while simultaneously pulling it once in a while to get your kite in the air. When you finally see the kite flying, your joy will know no bounds!

Now you can look at the sky as much as you want, and even if your neck aches from looking at your kite for so long, it’ll be totally worth it. You’ll no longer feel like a bird in a cage, because you’re free now. On top of that, if it’s your first time flying a kite, it’ll be the experience of your life: The wind brushing against your body just the way it’s pressing against the kite, and you no longer know who the kite is — you, or the one in the sky.


Riyad identifies as a cinephile. He loves travelling, listening to music, and learning foreign languages.

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