Fade, No

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Muhammad Ibn Sharif Spandan

Sipping coffee happily,

Days passed quickly,

Living joyfully,

Crawling under my corner of Earth.

Slowly, the roof eroded,

Acidic raindrops corroded,

My heart that flooded,

Under salty rivers of tears.


Broken down inside,

Wish I could feel happy again.

Broken down inside,

Wish I could feel strong again.

Broken down inside,

Wish I could be sane again.


Tormented by unknown fears,

Suffocated by dry tears,

Clamouring for someone dear,

For sharing all my sorrows and fears.

Drowning in dark waters,

Light slowly fades away,

As my heart sinks,

Deep into the abyss that blinks.


Slowly bleeding away,

Shivering intensely,

Sparks ignite my cold heart,

Burning away,

My deepest fears,

Boiling away my sorrowful tears.


This shall not be the end.

The light shall not fade.


Spandan is the gentlest troublemaker, causing hilarious incidents every now and then.

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