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Tayeba Sharif

It’s the year 3010.

In an attempt to reduce the earth’s overpopulation, the earth is sending its citizens with broken hearts to their fellow planet Mars.

A new subway has been made to transport these heartbroken souls through space and terminate on Mars.

The poets and authors have worked alongside scientists and designed a system that recognises these souls. They can detect broken hearts, ever unhealed hearts, and those that stopped feeling emotions long back.

The moment of departure has arrived.

The president of Inowa cannot fathom why his son has tested positive amidst all the luxuries. He had no inkling that it was his negligence throughout his childhood that led to his son’s broken heart. Heartbreak comes from family, too.

The brunette in Linsmare mourned her best friend’s upcoming departure. She was unsure why her best friend had tested positive. She was confused about whether to watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S. in their final moments together, or apologise again for that one mistake she had made years ago. She thought they had both moved past it. What she was unaware of was that her best friend had forgiven her, but she couldn’t forget. Sometimes, apologies aren’t enough.

And that couple in Ausita, they both tested positive. Both tried to contemplate what went wrong in their marriage when everything felt right. Love isn’t enough, at times.


Tayeba Sharif is a realist by day, and a dreamer by night.

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