Lost Treasures

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Fareen Mehravar

Just keeping it original…

Trying not to let that fade,

When the colours of the world are more beautiful,

You don’t have a clue of what to say.

Those are nice, I guess,

But not better than any of us,

Because the world here seems more strong,

We all tend to make the fuss.

Live the way you want to,

Go on till the end,

Make sure every ecstasy of yours is fulfilled,

Before the world has no better to send.

You all know how the world is,

Jealous and insecure,

The inside of it has been buried deep,

For what was so pure.

Not every single part of the world has been broken,

Some are still in pieces big enough to join,

But we, well, still miss the broken fragments,

Which had added that simple beauty to the coin.

There’s nothing called “us” anymore,

For what we were together,

To each of us, we are single — “one piece”,

But this won’t last forever.

You cannot ask back,

What’s done and what’s over,

But surely, you can use the left out good,

Before you regret what was sober.

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